Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Really - NOTHING since March???

Gosh - I don't think I've taken 10 seconds to even look at my blog in 5+ months!  When I set this up I had every intention to take pictures of the jewelry I'd made... post it here... write down some thoughts... then LIFE happens.

While I've been swamped with work - which I do love... I work for a great boss, we get along like none other and I enjoy the work that I do - I've been more taken aback by my health.  I "just haven't felt well" for ages.  I started working with a doctor during the summer of 2011... she was young and she seemed thorough but I just didn't feel confident with her.  I met with a Gastroenterologist, he wanted to rule out Cardiology... went to the Cardiologist, had a stress test/ultrasound... he said "it's not the heart"... back to the young doctor... LIFE...  Ignore myself... put it all off.  Decided to try a new Dr. over the summer of 2012... ...  ... well, enough of all the gory details.  While I was in Recovery after an Endoscopy the nurse innocently said "oh, are you check for food allergies or something?".  GIANT LIGHT BULB.

My sister recently found out she has a gluten sensitivity, eggs, dairy... her son had self-diagnosed his own gluten sensitivity years ago... my son is lactose intolerant... LIGHT BULB.

I was feeling (and LOOKING) so BLOATED but, in addition to that I was having trouble swallowing, chest 'discomfort', general ickiness and that is the problem - I just felt icky and the docs couldn't pinpoint it.  Well, I have now eliminated gluten from my diet and I think my stomach has shrunk 2+ inches.  I feel 'better' but not "good", I haven't gone back to a Dr. (the new one I chose wouldn't even talk to me on the phone to discuss the possibility of a food allergy and who I should see next!  I got so pissed I told the receptionist who called to "set up an appointment" I was appalled that the Dr expected me to take a day off from work to accomodate her schedule... just so she could collect an insurance payment when all I needed was a 10 minute conversation!!).

Well, enough of my venting.  All this just to say - out loud to the Universe (in a remote, hidden behind the keyboard sort of way) - I hope to get back to the beady workshop soon.  I miss the creativity!!!

Be well everyone.
Enjoy ~~T