Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Really - NOTHING since March???

Gosh - I don't think I've taken 10 seconds to even look at my blog in 5+ months!  When I set this up I had every intention to take pictures of the jewelry I'd made... post it here... write down some thoughts... then LIFE happens.

While I've been swamped with work - which I do love... I work for a great boss, we get along like none other and I enjoy the work that I do - I've been more taken aback by my health.  I "just haven't felt well" for ages.  I started working with a doctor during the summer of 2011... she was young and she seemed thorough but I just didn't feel confident with her.  I met with a Gastroenterologist, he wanted to rule out Cardiology... went to the Cardiologist, had a stress test/ultrasound... he said "it's not the heart"... back to the young doctor... LIFE...  Ignore myself... put it all off.  Decided to try a new Dr. over the summer of 2012... ...  ... well, enough of all the gory details.  While I was in Recovery after an Endoscopy the nurse innocently said "oh, are you check for food allergies or something?".  GIANT LIGHT BULB.

My sister recently found out she has a gluten sensitivity, eggs, dairy... her son had self-diagnosed his own gluten sensitivity years ago... my son is lactose intolerant... LIGHT BULB.

I was feeling (and LOOKING) so BLOATED but, in addition to that I was having trouble swallowing, chest 'discomfort', general ickiness and that is the problem - I just felt icky and the docs couldn't pinpoint it.  Well, I have now eliminated gluten from my diet and I think my stomach has shrunk 2+ inches.  I feel 'better' but not "good", I haven't gone back to a Dr. (the new one I chose wouldn't even talk to me on the phone to discuss the possibility of a food allergy and who I should see next!  I got so pissed I told the receptionist who called to "set up an appointment" I was appalled that the Dr expected me to take a day off from work to accomodate her schedule... just so she could collect an insurance payment when all I needed was a 10 minute conversation!!).

Well, enough of my venting.  All this just to say - out loud to the Universe (in a remote, hidden behind the keyboard sort of way) - I hope to get back to the beady workshop soon.  I miss the creativity!!!

Be well everyone.
Enjoy ~~T

Friday, March 9, 2012

Desire to Inspire - I WON!!

Yes that's right - I nominated Lori Anderson for an award and I won... a copy of the book that is, go figure?

In any case, I'm excited to see this new book - it sounds right up my alley.  I've enjoyed the teasers they've been dropping over at Create Mixed Media in their Inspired By! posts each week. I hope others have checked them out and been inspired also.

I posted a *thank you* comment and nominated Lori again HERE I hope you take a look.

Enjoy ~~T

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Inspired By! The Desire to Inspire Force of Good Awards

I opened my email the other day and was greeted by this from Create Mixed Media:


Inspired By! The Desire to Inspire Force of Good Awards: MAKE-A-DIFFERENCE


Do you know someone who passionately uses their unique gifts to be of service to others in their community—someone who MAKES A DIFFERENCE? Nominate him or her below in the comments section for a chance to win an ORIGINAL PIECE OF ART FOR THAT PERSON and a FREE copy of Desire to Inspire! Leave a comment below for your own chance to win a book!

I followed the link and read about a new book by Christine Mason Miller called Desire to Inspire and their Force of Good Awards.  The book sounds amazing and I look forward to it coming out but, as I read... one name, and ONE name only, kept popping into my head - LORI ANDERSON - of Lori Anderson Designs!  If you have EVER read Lori's blog Pretty Things you know what I am talking about... plain and simple:  She Inspires.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the Create Mixed Media site:

So tell us, who do you know who has boldly stepped into their life and is now living what was at one time only a dream? Who do you remind yourself to think about when you get discouraged because thinking about them is a testament that great things do come to those who dare to dream big?
The way Mindy Tsonas puts it is: “By being brave with your life and striving to always honor your values, you manifest strength and meaning that ultimately enriches the lives of others.” We each have unique gifts to offer and when we can match what excites us with what those around us need, then we are truly living with purpose.

So is there a difference between being a Force of Good and being of service? Christine explains it this way: “If being a Force of Good is about discovering the light within and letting it shine in as many directions as possible, then being of service to others is about directing that unique light where it is most needed.”
Does that not make you think of Lori?  If you have ever been inspired by Lori please CLICK HERE and nominate her.  Do not leave a comment on MY blog... leave it at Create Mixed Media.  (So there's no confusion, I have closed comments on this post).

Enjoy ~~T